Andrea Tagarelli is an associate professor of computer engineering at the University of Calabria, Rende, Italy, DIMES Dept. Head’s Delegate for Technology Transfer of research results, and Scientific Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lab.

He graduated magna cum laude in computer engineering, in 2001, and obtained his Ph.D. in computer and systems engineering, in 2006. He was research fellow at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, USA, working in the George Karypis’s Data Mining Lab, from March to September 2007. He obtained the Italian national scientific qualification to associate professor, in December 2013, and to full professor, in April 2017, for the computer science and engineering research area, scientific disciplinary sector (SSD) ING-INF/05 “Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni”.

His research interests include topics in data mining, machine learning, web and network science, natural langauge processing and information retrieval, artificial intelligence. On these topics, he has coauthored more than 120 peer-reviewed papers, including journal articles, conference papers and book chapters. He also wrote a book on user behavior analysis and mining problems in social networks — A. Tagarelli, R. Interdonato (2018) “Mining Lurkers in Online Social Networks – Principles, Models, and Computational Methods”. Springer Briefs in Computer Science, 93 pages — and edited a book titled “XML Data Mining: Models, Methods, and Applications”, 538 pages, IGI Global publisher, 2012.

Ha is member of technical program committees, and co-chair/organizer of international workshops, in premier ACM/IEEE/AAAI/Springer conferences in the fields of databases and data mining, artificial intelligence, knowledge and data engineering, network science, information systems.

He is action editor of the Computational Intelligence journal, associate editor of the Social Network Analysis and Mining journal, associate editor of the AI and Ethics journal, lead guest editor of: IEEE Trans. on Network Science and Engineering - “Reloading Feature-rich Information Networks”, Information Systems, Elsevier - “Managing, Mining and Learning in the Legal Data Domain”, and Online Social Networks and Media, Elsevier - “Decentralized Online Social Networks”.

He is founder member of three startups in the ICT context:

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